Should or Shouldn’t I?

February 16, 2005. Around 4-5pm.

What would you feel or do if you see someone you’ve been dying to see, whom you haven’t seen for 15 mos (1 year and 3 mos)?


I took a peek on the newly-established Gateway Mall at Araneta, Cubao, after I’m thru doing a li’l shopping around the area — bought myself 3 new tops/blouses and a pair of pants. When I was walking towards the terminal bound to Ever-Pasig, I saw a familiar looking guy wearing a green polo. And It seemed that my world stopped revolving and my heartbeat seemed to take my heart outta my ribcage (This is how I exaggerate thing…hehehe) “Omigod, I know him! It was November of 2003 when I last saw him!” Then I decided to follow him — stalk him up to where he’s going. Then he entered KFC – then I followed (yup, I did despite the fact that I’m carrying alotta shopping bags). When he stood at the end of one of the cashiers – I stood at the end of thenext cashier, but God, I was dead nervous that time. But apart from that nervousness, I felt very excited — i felt a sense of anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Would he recognize me?” “Did he remember my name?” “Would he remember me as the girl he used to …well…love?”

I’ d falen to these deep thinking when I decided to look at his direction – then SURPRISE! SURPRISE! – I met his eyes..I decided to walk away…Hindi ko pala kaya…

Hindi ko pala kayang tanggaping if ever makikta ko yung rejection sa mga mata niya…na hindi ko palang kaya na tanggaping nabiyak na yung helmet niya sa ulo…What if there wasn’t any recognition on his eyes, just mere familiarity…Haay…….

Ano kaya at naging matapang akong harapin siya and say “Hi!”… I go again….Limbo….Nakabitin sa ere…

Well, well, well….maybe that wasn’t the right time for a reunion…

Maybe not yet.

Maybe soon…

2 thoughts on “Should or Shouldn’t I?

  1. malen says:

    aysus! pokish! hehehe. misyu

  2. chele says:

    ang drama mo lolah me nagawa k b? hehehehe

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