Pathetic….I AM!

For E. N.

I am loving you for so long now…before I was so attuned to loving

you from afar, now I am loving you in vain…and in vain, I’ll love you

forever…I never had a chance with you, I guess never will I stand

a chance with you. But that never stopped me from loving you,

not yesterday, not today, not even tomorrow…

No one could ever take your place.

For you.

Every is yours….Giving you all the right to own it, love it,

break it, keep it… just don’t bring it back to me….

I wish one day you’d miss me that no matter how hard you search for me,

you won’t find me. I wish one day you’d remember my face that no matter

you wish to forget, it’d keep haunting you. I wish one day you’d love me

that no matter how hard you ignore it, you would always feel the pain.

Then you’d be hurt, then you’d cry, then you’d long to be with me,

only to realize I was gone and could love you no more…

Never in life had I been more bitter since we parted and the day

I’d learned that you could never be mine. You were never mine.

Inspite of that I never regret loving you, for in you I have learned

that love is indeed wonderful, yet mysterious…in loving I always

had the chance to smile amidst the pains and the tears!P. S.

Wherever you are…be happy always and smile…I am always thinking of you…

and hoping that everything’s okay with you. I’ve learned that you’re in a happy

relationship right now, good for you. I guess I have to thank God for

making you a happy man and I hope He continues to keep it that way…



Well, I thought I was alone..the only pathetic person on earth…

Check this out pipz!!!!!

Love is universal, huh! Victims are scattered all over the world – victimizing young and old alike….


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