Team AnoNiMhy

Want ya’ll to know my officemates a.k.a team mates…

Birthday Treat ni TL Mhy…..

Jan 14-15, 2005. TL Mhy’s treated the team to an awesome dinner at Dencio’s grill at the Megastrip. After we’re full, we went to Grand Boulevard Hotel and played (a little) in Casino Filipino. After all the “recreational activities” there, we went outside — straight to Baywalk.

Racky, Khat, Lui, TL Mhy and me
Baywalk, Jan 15, 2005. 12am

Ernest, Me, Wilbur and Cathy
at the Bay again. around 12am. Jan 15, 2005

Denz, Racky, Khat, Lui and TL Mhy….
So I am missing in action, huh? (Ako nga pala ung photographer…harharhar)

Who said that it’s all over after the ”drinking sessions” in the Baywalk? Since most of us were energetic and high-spirited that time — it’s Videoke time! We went immediately to Providence after we filled ourselves some drinks at Baywalk.

TL Mhy’s singing a song to Lui? (Sila na? May himala ba talga?)
Videoke time, Providence, Jan 15, 2005. Around 3-5am.

Is it really concert time for TL Mhy? (Pagbigyan – birthday, eh!)

And who said everything stopped there? Pag labas ng videoke at magsawa kakakanta – twa’s almost 5am, so we decided to have breakfast — and what great place to go but BINONDO. Congee, siomai, dumplings, siopao….Name it, we ate them! Racky couldn’t help but exlcaimed his overwhelming joy that the team was together for almost 12 hours. Very exhausting man ung whole night, masaya naman! Kelan kaya mauulit toh?


Daily Ocurrence

The team on the way to St. Francis – McDo after 7 hrs and 30 mins of taking calls and speaking with the s#!t Americans (1 hr for lunch and 2 — 15 min breaks), we’re FREE!!!!! We’re eating breakfast….Hmmm… Dalishus!

Presenting the Anomimhy team in the recent CVG Xmas Party at the NBC Tent,Fort (Dec 14, 2004)

*Party people (Xmas Party nga, da bah?) From left to right : Mami Militz, Claire, ako (feeling “debutant”), Chris and Khat

*Anonimhy’ s Angels: (sa party den) Khat (as Cameron…James, kala nio Diaz, noh?!), ako (Drew Barrymore?…nde Arellano) and Bevs (Lucy Liu, sisters talga sila in real-life db?)

*Nyoy Volante rendered a song….he sister works in Convergys


The Anomimhy team when we were doing our SBC Team Logo
Mami Cielo’s house in Makati. Sept 12, 2004

Mami Cielo’s house in Makati
The Tunggeras – si Anya lasing na!
(Khat-violet, Anya, She-black, Rose-standing, Me and Bevs)

The Nguso queens — She and Ernest(ina)…

Sayaw Anya, sakay Kikay…..Lalalalalalala…..

I couldn’t imagine how we managed to finish the Team Poster…Hmmm….talented talaga kami, kahit lasing, productive pa den….


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