Para sa lahat ng pathethic…(gaya ko!)

Sabi nila love is like a wildflower, it’ s often found in the most unexpected places….took you by surprise and you’d receive the shock of your life by realizing that you couldn’t do anything to stop it nor prevent it from coming, and you’d be held in prison…helpless like a child…doing stupid things as other people see it, but you’d do it blindly…Do you think love is blind? No…it only sees what matters, and nothing else…Yung susunod n mababasa nio was somethign I created out of frustration, when I was eating my heart out dahil sa isang special n tao…Wherever you are E.N., wala nang pedeng pumantay sau sa puso ko…You Are Special, Exceptional…You’d Always be, ’til d end of time….

Weird ng Luv, noh!

Bakit ba kailangang magmahal ng tao? Bakit kailangang mahalin natin ‘yong mga taong hindi na pwedeng mahalin or hindi tayo kayang mahalin? Bakit kailangang NAGMAHAL KA NA NGA, MASASAKTAN KA PA? Tapos, after mong masaktan, pipiliin mo pa ring mahalin yong taong nagpaluha sayo?Worst and ironically, kung sino pa ung nagpaiyak at nanakit ng damdamin mo, iyon at iyon pa den ang taong makapagbibigay ng di matatawarang kaligayahan sayo? Weird di bah? At sa kabila ng lahat at kahit ano pang mangayri, siya at siya pa rin ang pipiliin mong mahalin? Kulang na lang, ipagsiksikan mo yung sarili mo sa buhay niya…sa puso niya! And if not really possible, you’ll just be content loving that person from afar…kahit sa ILUSYON lang. At least doon there are countless possibilities…to the point of owning that person…kahit doon lang. Sometimes, I can’t help but ask, can a man be all that consuming? That you’d spend eternity and beyond loving that person? Na kahit isang milyong lalaki pa yong iparada sa harap mo, wala pa ring papantay sa true love mo, that person would always be the best…would always be exceptional! Minsan naiisip ko, ganito ba talaga ka-sadista ang pag-ibig and tayo, as response, ma-sokista naman. Haaay…akala ko ba everyone has a destiny pre-written, that there’s a person designed to love and make you complete, pero bakit parang it’d take a lifetime to find that someone, that you’d have to search the world and in the end, you’d end up alone…lonely! “They say loving is never wrong, but why is there forbidden love? They say love will never fall us, but why does it break our hearts? They say love is shared by two, but why can’t I share it with you?” — read once sa internet. Bakit ba hindi na lang naging AUTORESPONDING ang pag-ibig, pag minahal mo, automatic na mamahalin ka din? Mas masaya di bah? Pero aminin man natin or hindi, inspite of all the pains, masarap pa ding magmahal…matamis…to the point of swallowing and eating even the bitterest of pains. A person once said (nabasa ko lang din sa internet) “In love rarely do we win. But when love is true, even if you lose, you still win for having felt loving someone more than yourself.” Ganon yata tal’ga ang pag-ibig. It’s such a wonder how you could actually love someone intensely and yet ready to accept the fact that he’s not yours and let go. Isn’t it a wonder na okay lang sayo na habang nakatingin ka sa taong mahal mo, sa iba naman siya nakatingin, na kahit anong gawin mo, hindi ka niya kailanman makikita…kahit pa wala naman talga siyang ibang tinitingnan? That’s love. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve realized , eh ano kung hindi niya ako mahal, or may iba na siya, or hindi niya ako kayang mahalin, hindi ko na ba siya puwedeng mahalin? Just because hindi ka niya pwedeng mahalin for whatever reason, you’d be bitter and give him up? Love would and should never drive a person to crave ownership…Loving someone is not a license to own a person…not even a guarantee or shield from pains…and definitely not a promise that you would always be happy, never a moment of sadness and you would be loved as well. Isn’t love like planting? Pag nagmamahal ka, you’ve planted a seed in someone’s heart, then you’d nourish it. That isn’t a guarantee that it’d grow, it could die before it grows. There’s a possibility na hindi nga yon simulang tumubo man lang but that’s okay, at least you’ve given yourself the chance to love and be glad about it. You could sow what you planted, but the harvest is unsure, the most important thing is you’ve done your part, it’s up to that person to realize your worth. True love comes only once in our lives, if that someone happened yesterday – be thankful it did; if that someone happened today – cherish and if that someone happened soon – hope…But for now, just enjoy the feeling while it lasts…it may take forver to love again…we don’t know what tomorrow brings…who knows kung kaya mo pang magmahal nang ganito…or kung magmamahal k pa…just cherish everything n meron tayo or ‘yong happiness na nadarama natin while loving that person…as the song goes… “I keep holding on before the good is gone co’z I know I’ll never love this way again”




You came along unexpectedly

My heart beat so differently

You taught me many things

Brought me many changes

You taught me how to smile

Though how hard it was

You taught me how to forgive

Though it tore me apart

You taught me how to love

Without any exceptions

You taught my heart to love someone

Who’s been very special to me

I never thought you’re gonna leave

I never expected it will come to end

You taught my heart to love you

And now why did you have to go ?

You……just come and go

A glimpse, a wind that blows!





If loving you means setting you free, then go and find your way…

If loving you means being happy while you’re away from me, then go the distance…

If loving you means getting hurt, crying bouts, loosing myself, then go and take everything from me…

If loving you is seeing you baing happy with someone else, then go and gind her way.

You could fly high ang go miles, you could stay away from me for the longest hours…

You need not worry nor come back, need not bother if I’m happy or not…

For even if you’re gone, you’re still here…inside my heart…

Soar. Fly high. Rest assured I’m always here to catch you each time you’d fall…

Then perhaps if she led you astray, you could always look behind…I was left standing there the whole time…

You think you’re hurting? Look at me…Crying more and more for the pain you don’t deserve to feel…for the tears you shed for an unreciprocated affection…your affection that I’ve been dreaming all my life…

You could always look behind all the time…anytime…I am always standing there!!!

Hoping that someday, somehow you’d find your way…your true love…your home…







*Everything in this section is self-authored.

*Copyright 1996. Janis de Asis.



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