Janis as a movie analyst

Didn’t sleep well…Pag dating ko sa bahay, I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all so I decided to go over my Movie Collections – I picked Roger Moore’s “For Your Eyes Only”. Kahit pa sabihing napanood ko n yun many times, I am surprise to find out that I am still thrilled by all the stunts and never ending effects the creator of the James Bond:Agent 007 series made. Kaloka talga, from the skii stunts up to rock climbing activities, ma-a-amaze ka talaga. And Roger Moore, in Agent 007 playboy image really worked it’s way to captivate my eyes — ganun pa den katindi ung dating sa akin ni Roger Moore.

After that napaisip tuloy ako, when would Filipino producers venture into creating these kind of movies? Hindi b natin kaya? Not for lack of talent of course because I won’t buy that, we, Filipinos, are very talented and skilled. I don’t think that we couldn’t create such movies, lack of budget lang siguro. Even big producers aren’t daring enough to invest money para lang gumawa ng good movies…and until Filipino producers learn that “if you want to earn big, you gotta invest big”, di uusad ang movie industry sa P’nas….tsk, tsk, we do have a great lineups of promising artists pa naman and promising off cam talents — cinematographers, graphic artists, musical scorers, directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, etc…Kaya ba dinadaan natin sa paggawa ng dramatic movies, which gain so much honor outside. I’ve nothing against it, esp movies that showcase not just the talents, but the values as well of the Filipinos, but then again, it’ snot everyday na ganito ‘yong kalakalaran sa movie industry…Kelangan pang magkaron ng movie festivals para lang magpalabas ng magagandang movies.

Hay, Juan, kelan kb matututo at aasenso?


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