Janis, the Woman in Love….hehehe

When will I grow tired of Johnny Depp? Haay….before I went to sleep (galing ako sa office noh. Graveyard shift ang lola moh!) I watched NICK OF TIME for the nth time again, and I really can’t help but to fall in love with him even more….Super charming talaga, as in! Great actor and there’s really something about him that is so exceptional…ewan ko ba?! Love ko talaga siya…lalong lao n pag tino-torture siya or nagmumukha shang engot na parang genius na ewan….He’s 41 and yet he proved that “There isn’t a thing as age…” I don’t nkow kung anong meron siya but he’s really cute and ready to swing his matinee idol image to some gruesome host or to look like some creepy character or kahit siguro mentally retarded ung role, he’d carry it with class….

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