Mga Lalaki sa Buhay ko…..


If there would be one man that I would choose to fall in love with over and over again…it’d be River Phoenix…My first ever crush…I was five years old when I first saw him from a movie entitled “Stand By Me”. I was really smitten then that a young age, I knew I already had a crush, moreover, thinking we’re of the same age or at least just had three/four-year gap. He had a very sad and complicated childhood, reason behind why everytime you looked at his eyes, you would see a lonely and crying heart and hopeless and dying soul. Those eyes that made him mysterious and loveable. All those heartaches haunted him, eventually drove him to the one thing he hated and despised the most – DRUGS. And on the night of October 31st, 1993, he died of cardiac arrest, finally resting his tire and lonely soul…in peace…


His deep determination to change Japan’s history- and destiny captured my heart. A true warrior at heart, but possesed a subtle and gentle heart, who would not fall for this man? His life’s mission is to protect the weak and vulnerable against the powerful and strong opressor. His motto in life is that courage is not measured by your ability to figt, to kill and to display physical strength but in you belief that you have to fihgt for the weak, to care and to die for them.



My very own BEST ACTOR! D’ya know that he was supposed to be “Lestat” in the movie “Interview with the Vampire”? – only he turned the offer down and we all know who took his place – Tom Cruise (See, Tom was just the second best choice!) This 41-year old lad proved that “There isn’t a thing as age”… he remained to be one of the most admired and loved actor of all time. I guess all women had had crush on Johnny Depp at one point in their lives…

Famous for : Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow


My ultimate musician….Clapton, a 13-time Grammy awardee, truly is an ultimate musician. Singer, poet, songwriter and guitarist all rolled into one God Musician.

Famous for his song “Tears in Heaven” written for his son who passed away at the age of seven.


©aug1404. janis de asis


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